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Confined Space Inspections
Access The Inaccessible

MCloud Drone Solutions is revolutionizing multiple industries with our drone based inspection solutions. We offer specialized inspection solutions including drone based confined space inspections and drone based Ultrasonic Thickness measurement at heights.

By choosing MCloud, maintenance teams are able to regularly and thoroughly assess the integrity of their assets, preventing and reducing downtime by rapidly collecting visual data to make educated decisions and get things fixed. 
We are able to collect data from inaccessible or dangerous sites while keeping the inspector’s feet on the ground, and delivering analytic actionable insights quickly to the expert’s desktop. 


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Confined Space Inspections

Access the Inaccessible. Get measurable insights with ELIOS 2.


Building Inspection

We detect concrete cracks & pitting, loose or cracked façade elements, glass damage, corrosion, water marks, peeling paints, surface damage, leaks and seepage among other anomalies.


Oil & Gas

Our innovative Drone Based NDT Inspections allowing customers to improve the quality of their inspections and preserve their assets.



We are a team of passionate professionals with more than 60 man years of experience in the UAS domain. We leverage our experience and cutting edge drone and AI technology to offer innovative solutions aimed at increasing efficiency, improving safety and reducing costs. 

Our trained Pilots have performed countless hours of drone operations in day and night conditions across a multitude of industries. We are industry leaders in setting standards for drone operations and safety standards.

Our DAAS solutions allow industries to perform inspection at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time compared to other means all while allowing the inspectors to keep their feet safely on the ground.